Who we are

The National Centre for Liturgy is based at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. It was established as a teaching institute for pastoral liturgy in response to the “Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy”, the first document issued by the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). It continues the work of liturgical formation through its present-day certificate, diploma, higher diploma, master’s and doctoral programs. It is a place of prayer, study, reflection and welcome and has an outreach to parishes and communities. The National Centre for Liturgy also serves as the Secretariat for Liturgy of the Irish Bishops’ Conference.

The Advisory Committee on Sacred Art and Architecture

As part of the lead up to the World Meeting of families 2018 in Dublin, the Advisory Committee on Sacred Art and Architecture of the Irish Bishop’s Conference sees an opportunity to explore the spaces we create in our homes that serve to remind us of God. We send an invitation to all people of faith to pause and reflect on where in their home they are prompted to pray.

We invite you!

We invite you to share with us your Prayer Space at Home. Is it simply a lit candle in a room, a sacred image on a wall, saying grace at the kitchen table or a view to the sunset over a great horizon? Is it where you keep your Bible; your Liturgy of the Hours book or device; a Rosary Beads; where you set up a May or November altar, the Advent Wreath, or is it the place where you put the art and things telling God’s love for human beings and creation that were made in school and elsewhere. Prayer Space at Home is undoubtedly different for different households; what is the same is that all members of every household is equally a child of God.

How we pray!

How we pray and where we pray at home has changed over recent years, yet as people of faith there is a deep longing to respond to God as individuals and as families. In our busy world it can be hard to find the space and the time. As Christians in the 21st Century, we often have to be imaginative in transforming everyday spaces into places of prayer.

What to do?

Simply take a photo of where at home you and your family take time to pray. Please ensure there are no images of people in the photographs as we not looking to see you pray but only the place you pray.  

Load it up on this web-site and share it. We will host the images here on this web-site until after the World Meeting of families Dublin 2018 is concluded in late August 2018. You have the opportunity to share with all of us how you and your family pray at home.

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